Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This book prepares you to answer your questions yourself:

Who am I? Who are You? Who is God? What is the purpose of Life? What is Death? What happens after Death? What is Ghost? Is there a Rebirth? What is Boredom? What is Loneliness? What is Love? What is Stress? What is Tension? What is Worry? What is the Solution for all the Problems? Where is Happiness? What is Enjoyment? What is Karma the Action? What is Meditation? What is Yoga? What is Psychic power? What is Liberation the Ultimate Freedom? What is Path? Who is Guru? What is Religion? What is Scripture? Who is Sinner? What is Fate? What is Sacrifice? Who is a Friend? Who is an Enemy? What is Thinking? What is Talking? What is Ego? What is Good and What is Bad? What is Logic? What is Rational? What is Radical? What is Enlightenment? What is Self realisation? What is Divine? What is Real? What is Truth? and more...






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Talk not, believe not. Read and Experiment.


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